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Cameron Dunwoody



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Office Staff
Resident 2000 - 2003 Recommended
Reviewed 03/09/2002
Good things first: <br> <br>- Both BellSouth DSL (and DSL from other companies that use BellSouth lines, such as Earthlink) and Comcast cable modem service (and "real" Comcast cable, unlike so many other complexes in metro Atlanta that use oddball "cable" companies) are available here. Beware of rather slow dialup modem connections, though. <br>- The complex and neighbors are generally quiet; there are a few loud parties from time to time but nothing especially bad or frequent. Car break-ins are rare, and other crime is virtually nonexistent. <br>- Construction of apartments is fairly good; apartments are quiet and in reasonably good shape. Power and water outages just don´t happen here. <br>- Maintenance is quick and responsive and fixes things right the first time. <br> <br>Now for the bad: <br> <br>- The gates are constantly broken; they are often fixed only to be broken again a week or two later. (Apparently people continually "ram" the gates; one would think after they´ve been broken so much they would install a "gate-cam" to catch the perpetrators.) Last time the gates were broken they were broken well over a month. <br>- Ants have been a big problem in some buildings. (Thankfully, other pests are virtually nonexistent.) <br>- The leasing office has consolidated with Archstone Perimeter Center; this means a short drive around to Ashford-Dunwoody to deal with lease paperwork or pick up packages (but one can still drop rent in a drop box at the old leasing office here and ask that packages be delivered to one´s apartment.) Some have complained the leasing office has been difficult to reach as of late. <br>- Parking is often in short supply at night; it isn´t unusual to come in after 10 pm and have to park at another building. Garage parking is available in some buildings, but that doesn´t help those in buildings 3 or 4 very much. <br> <br>Overall: very good, and certainly a good value for the area, but not 100% perfect.
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Cameron Dunwoody

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