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4000 Dunwoody Park, Dunwoody, GA 30338
4000 Dunwoody Park, Dunwoody, GA 30338

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Two Blocks

4000 Dunwoody Park

Dunwoody, GA 30338



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Ernie19x • Resident 2014 - 2018 Recommended

Reviewed 09/25/2018

I love Two Blocks because it is very convenient for me to everything. The staff has been generally exceptional & professional. Management companies have changed 2x. My current favorite leasing agent is Stephanie (very attentive and responsive) and of course the GM CC who is really nice and cute . The staff does an excellent effort in keeping the outside and surrounding grounds exceptionally nice and really award wining. The hallways are cleaned regularly by the staff and contractors with some issues caused by the residents that are very difficult to overcome. Maintenance requests are always handled very fast. My lease payment has only increase about 15% in 4 yrs. Overall I love it here, my 2 story loft is awesome and cant find a better deal anywhere. My main issue has always been the parking deck grounds. A very nice parking structure attached to the building. While they do have 1 guy that usually cleans around , it is too much for 1 man, you need 2 @ minimum for general cleaning and that does not include the trash pile ups by the trash shutes that happen every friday - monday morning. Unfortunately the trash shutes are in the parking deck and the lazzy --- , maggot residents do not follow the rules and put trash in the shute. I think they need 2 guys on weekends full time. Also, mirrors and traffic monitor sensors need to be installed. I dont necessarily blame the onsite staff, I believe the new management company /owners may be more greety or slumlords type 'Fogelman' and are spending less money on property upkeep and improvements. In regards to improvements, while a new coat of paint was done by new property owners, no improvements to security, access and surveillance cameras are of poor quality. The other thing that is a problem caused by residents is pet waste in the hallways , the residents do not clean up after their pets. That tells me we are getting to many bums with pets . Anyways, this will probably be my last year as the quality of residents is going down,. I have noticed more trash in general everywhere that is really making it hard for the staff to keep it clean, so its time to go and find a new Two Blocks or home. A disclaimer, i can be A bit OC and too analytical. So for the average person, Two Blocks is a perfect place.
Two Blocks Manager11/27/2018

Thank you, Mr. Ernesto for leaving a very detailed review. As always, you know we take all of your comments to heart and really appreciate the kindness and understanding you show to our staff. If everyone cared as much as you, this would be our utopia!

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Two Blocks

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