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Edgewater on Lanier



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/15/2005
To all those people reading this review. Please take these words of wisdom as the gospels. First off, do not read the apartment guides for they are filled with lies which are called illegal acts of false advertising. Wet bars in every apartment, HaHa the biggest joke. Every apartment is not equiped with a wet bar. I know I am still looking for mine. If you are in college studing insects, you will find them here especially the best ones which are scorpions, black widows, and the brown recluse spider. You can study them from the comfort of your living room couch or your nice comfortable bed. Also this complex engages in another very illegal act called "Bait & Switch." They show this magnificent apartment, you sign the lease, and when you get the keys. Guess what, you get another aprtment that does not even compare to the one you looked at, but can do nothing about it because you signed the lease and are now locked in for a year. Forget maintenance, you need something fixed in your apartment. Nothing will be done till Christ returns for the second coming and personally tells them to fix something. Management reminds me of inbred dobberman pinchers dogs. They are complete morons, sweet to you in person to sign the lease, but will turn on you in a heartbeat if you catch them in a lie or need something done to the apartments. We have been here almost a year, and the property management changes every time you blink an eye. We are on our second management company in two months. Please do not move here!!!! Nothing is worth putting yourself through misery everyday for a year.
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Edgewater on Lanier

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