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Vineyards of Mcever



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twldwilliams • Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/03/2007
To whom it concerns on the Gainesville City Council, We have just came from visiting our daughter, son in law, and 2 granddaughters who unfortunately live at the McEver Vinyards apartments. What we continue to see each time we visit has went from bad to worse to down right appalling and dangerous. When they moved there, we were pretty comfortable with the apartment being a gated community and new and under what we thought was good management. Since that time, the gates are always torn down, their cars broken into, drugs done blatently in the parking lots. Hoodlums sitting on the stair ways using intimidation as our daughter tries to carry two babies up her stairs. The police are always contacted but seem as uninterested in responding as the apartment management. We keep telling her to just keep calling the police everytime they are intimidated or they have to walk through the drinking and drug use in the parking lots but to this point the response is pretty much a waste of time. Tonight the garbage was piled at least eight feet high on the outside of the dumpsters, along with appliances that a child could be trapped in, and there were rats as big as cats. (I can supply pictures, and am leaving a complaint with the Marshals office as well.) We have contacted so far the apartment complex office on-site, the home office of the leasing company, the authorities. And so far, we only get "well, if you don't like it maybe you should move." They are a young couple and really can't afford to break their lease and ruin their credit because every one just wants to make the money off them but not stand up and do anything about the problems. We don't know what you can do to help the situation, but something needs to be done.
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Vineyards of Mcever

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