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Herrington Mill Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/27/2007
We moved in about a year ago. My building is very quiet and pleasant. Very spacious and the price is awesome!! Now for the horror... My first week here I saw a rat in the hall. It may have come due to two neighbors of mine leaving trash bags after trash bag at their doors. Sitting on the patio one night I saw moving trucks pull up and police jumping out the back fully armored....It was a Drug bust had to be one of the biggest ever. Last but not least about three weeks ago I woke up due to a loud noise or scratching noise in the laundry room, I opened the door and to my suprise a RAT went running under my dryer. I called and reported this to the leasing office and the lady working acted as if she had no care in the world to this issue. I was told that they would send someone out but it may take them a day or two to actually come out to my apartment. After arguing with her she made arrangement for COOKS to come out the same day needless to say this happend at 4AM I couldnt contact the office til 8:30 and cooks didnt come until 4. They came out and did not find the rat only a hole in the floor under the stove(after turning the dryer on the rat ran into the kitchen and under the stove we then packed blankets in front of the stove to trap it in). They say they repaired the hole but if it is gone my concern is it coming back the same way it got in or the same way it left. Parking is the worst maybe people having too many people living in one unit or way too much company(ALL THE TIME). The back gate has been broken since I moved in and the front gets fixed and within the next week or two someone rams into and its broken again. Over all besides if I hadnt had the RAT issue this has been a great place to stay. So if rats don't scare you Ill say YES, but with the RAT and the Attitude to the response of the RAT Ide say no THANKS.
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Herrington Mill Apartments

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