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Park 156



Resident · 2015 - 2016
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Office Staff
I'm sorry to disappoint potentially favorably excited readers, but these 4 and 5 star reviews that say the staff and premises are wonderful are plants. Neither staff nor premises are wonderful...examples follow. My first month's bill included utility charges from two weeks before I moved in. I disputed the charges, but it was clear that they would simply mess up my rental standing for much more than the extortion was worth in legal fees to dispute and repair. Hmmm, how about my air conditioning that would never take the temp below 76 degrees no matter how much I was willing to run and pay for running it? Explanation: Uh, the air just won't DO THAT on a top floor apartment, and, if you're going to run it that hard, listen at the utility closet door - the one you can't open - for dripping sounds...we don't want you to annoy your downstairs neighbors with overflowing drip-pans. Oh, and about in-sink garbage disposals..."those are for show." Security alarm payment is REQUIRED even if you don't want the worthless monitoring company with whom they have a -----'s compact. It's presented as an optional fee, but then later the staff will tell you that it's part of the lease. Again, the legal costs to dispute are not worth it. The buildings are old and poorly renovated in ways that you will fully discover only AFTER living in them. The communal areas became increasingly filthy over the course of the year I lived there. Lots of my neighbors left trash out overnight to lure foxes, raccoons, possums, cats, etc. The breezeways simply became nastier and nastier with time and were never cleaned. Resident turnover rate was very high, and the replacement tenants were increasingly dope-smokers, who frequented the breezeways...tres -------riffic. Young children play unsupervised in the parking lots. Pet owners leave animal feces EVERYWHERE. So, I stayed one year, and relocated. The parent company tried to bill me for an additional month of rent, and I wrote them a check in hopes they would cash it, but they weren't quite bold/stupid enough to steal a full, unearned month's worth of rent, i.e., enough to make it worth my time to sue them for fraud. I conclude they are petty criminals, willing to fleece only small amounts from lots of people. Just remember to subtract 1 from the overall average rating for the property for the fact we can't give 0 as a rating. Once you chop an addition 1 for the fake reports trumped up by the company shills, you'll get an approximately accurate rating.
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Park 156

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