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The Crest at Sugarloaf



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Office Staff
Resident 2015 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/07/2015
Do not move in this complex!! The gates are always open. And if people don't live here they will wait by the gate for you to open and then pass right infront of ur car to get in. The pool is basically open to the public anyone can get in. There was a fatal shooting and nobody seen anything ( cops said it happened during daylight ). The noise is so bad here!!! Music blasting all day and no matter how many times u call the office they don't do anything about it. Our 2 cars have been hit. The first car was hit by there workers and they said they are not responsible for damages. Second car was hit by a car full of teenagers that were smoking marijuana and drinking yes we did call cops and they took action to top that off the teenagers didn't even live here. Also when we first moved in we lost our keys and couldn't get in touch with maintenance they don't answer the phone so don't even waste ur time to call. The air conditioner broke they said they ran out of that part days ago and didn't even order any new ones until we had a problem so we went without our air conditioning for days in the mid summer also I was pregnant 6 months so the heat really made me sick. Friday and Saturday nights so many people drive around here like crazy. Our neighbors said they had to move around the complex 3 times due to the noise. The couple that live across us argue outside not even in their apartment. That happened around 6:30am!!! This morning my husband and I got woken up from the loud music under our apartment we have already called the office twice and of course nothing the music is still going. Whoever is reading this please don't move in here unless you want to be miserable!! The office is very nice and so are the people who work there but don't let that fool you!!!
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The Crest at Sugarloaf

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