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The Crest at Sugarloaf



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Office Staff
Resident 2015 - 2019 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/16/2019
If you're looking for a stressful home environment, look no further! Most people want to come home to a relaxing place, but that won't happen here. Over the past year or so, the management has begun placing LVT flooring (which mimics hardwood) on 2nd and 3rd floor apartments. To me, this seems completely disrespectful to current residents living here. Hardwood flooring should only be placed on the bottom floors especially when proper insulation is not placed beneath the flooring to muffle noise. Now if you have neighbors upstairs who try to at least make an effort to be considerate, you're in luck, however I'd say your chances of that are pretty slim here. Even if you call courtesy officers, not much will get done. They say one thing to your face and tell the management something completely different when you're not there. The worst part about the whole situation is probably that no one believed my noise complaints were legitimate. Just because someone chooses to live on a first floor apartment doesn't mean that they just have to just deal with all the crap from above. Honestly, I'm very disappointed in how this complex has gone downhill over the past year.
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The Crest at Sugarloaf

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