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Wellington Ridge Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2004 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/08/2005
When I first saw the apartment I would be renting it was DISGUSTING!! After making a list of all of the problems with it, I was told they would gladly fix them all but I had to sign the lease that day because it was their last 2 bedroom and they couldn't hold it for me. So like an enormouse idiot I did. They never fixed a single problem,wich included TONS of mold around the windows, under all of the sinks, around both bathtubs,an in the laundry room. The carpet was horrible, they promised that they would replace it, they only had it"cleaned" wich didn't do a lot of good. They did end up taking $50 off our monthly rent for the condition of our apartment but refused to let us out of the lease or fix the problems. We had an ongoing ant problem for about 3 months, their answer to wich was to leave cans of spray ant killer by our door. After calling about 35 times the finally sent a pest control person out. The community itself is horrible as well, the sidewalks are stained from god knows what and covered with trash. The "security" gates are always broken and open. And there are weekly break ins. There was even one person held at gun point in the neighborhood and robbed. There are kids and teens running a muk at all hours. Most of the residents look like hardcore gangstas from a rap video. Wellington ridge is over all a horrible place to live. We're lucky we made it out alive and with all of our belongings. DON'T SIGN!!!!
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Wellington Ridge Apartments

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