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Brodick Hill Apartments

7703 Lee Road

Lithia Springs, GA 30122



Resident · 2015
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Office Staff
I moved in in September. My biggest complaint is maintenance issues take way too long to be addressed. My first issue was with the toilet in one of my bathrooms. It broke and when I reported it I was told it would be Monday before someone came out since I had a second bathroom. That was fine with me. I already figured that it wouldn't have high priority since I have two bathrooms. However a week past and still no one came. When I contacted the office Sheila acted surprised that no one had come. But still no one came. The only reason it ended up getting fixed is because I called it in as an after hour emergency because I was tired of waiting. The second issue was with my dishwasher where water seems to be overflowing into it from the sink and sitting there and causing an awful smell. I wrote Danielle, who is supposed to be my leasing agent, an email. I figured it wouldn't be till the following week that I heard back from her since I believe she only works Monday through Wednesday. Never heard back from her after weeks. Eventually I found a complaint and was contacted by Sheila. I feel like Sheila is actually my leasing agent. She was the one who got me moved in because Danielle was off work. And she's the one who i've had the most communication with. Danielle was the one telling me that they try hard to keep their residence happy but I surely don't feel that is the case. Anyway the dishwasher was a back-and-forth issue. When someone FINALLY came the first time, it was like absolutely nothing was done. After I sent a couple more complaints, I spoke with Sheila and she sent someone again and that person left a note saying my dishwasher worked fine. They clearly hadn't read the complaint because it was not about the dishwasher turning on...it was about the fact that water was flooding into it and sitting there. I call Sheila right away and she sent somebody back soon after we got off of the phone. The guy told me that that's the way they were and I would have to run the machine to drain it whenever that happened. He also told me to put bleach in it to keep the smell down. I have never been in an apartment where I have to do anything like that. After that I just decide to give up on the dishwasher and I have no plans to use it. I will just have to deal with it until my lease is up. Even if I were to drain it every time I still won't use it because there is a whole bunch of sludge that was there from the previous person. I had to clean most out when I moved in but there's still a lot underneath the grate that I can't get to. I also told Danielle about that and the water damage to the counter panels, to no avail. So my vice to anyone looking at these apartments would be to make sure to inspect everything very closely. If you're not the type that really cares about having things up to date and working well then perhaps you'll be just fine. Also there was a mattress set that someone left in the breezeway for weeks. I was surprised to find that no one from the office had them remove it. At my old place that never would have been the case. They would have received a notice about a fine after the first day. It really kind of brought down the value of this place in my eyes. So that was the bad and now the good. Other than the occasional noise in the breezeway I don't really hear too much. I don't know if anyone is above me but if they is, they are very quiet. The size of the apartment (I have a 2 bedroom) is good and I also like the style. The community seems nice enough. I often see people walking or running laps around the parking lots which gives the complex a real community feel. My advice to management would definitely be to update the apartment features and appliances and to improve on turn around time for maintenance issues. I think Brodick Hill could be a great place if those issues were addressed.
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