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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/11/2005
I have lived here two years, and this place has really gone down hill. The property used to be so well taken care of and the management & staff very responsive, nice & helpful. There was never trash anywhere, and the landscaping was well taken care of. However, that is so not the case currently. neighbors and children are so loud and constanly making noise no matter what time it is, children do not respect others property when playing, and parents allow them to do so. There is trash everywhere! Children throw it, parents do not pick it up. No apartment staff member clean any of it...I have seen the same pieces of trash for months...and the bushes really need to be trimmed as well. The staff does not care when a complaint is given (Why should they, they still get there paycheck!)and there are no efforts on their behalf to address issues...even after multiple complaints. Maintenance is ----! There are things inside and outside the apartment that have needed to be fixed for two years now with multiple requests...they have not been addressed. If you want constant noise, disrespectful neighbors that threaten you, maintenance that never fixes things, and ten thousand children screaming outside while throwing footballs & frisbees at your car, with no management or parents to stop them...then drive right on over to the columns @ sweetwater...we have just the apartment for you...mine. If you want it it's yours. If you don't, I advise staying far away from this property.
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Columns at Sweetwater Creek

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