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Wesley Creekside Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/09/2007
When I moved in I saw the example apartment that they had setup. It was nice, very spacious and well lit and upkept. I asked to see my real apartment before I signed the lease, but was reclined. When I finally got my keys and walked in I all but blew up at the site of the condition of the apartment. The spots on the walls from where they had patched holes looked horrible. The wall paper in the kitchen and bath was peeling. The alarm system, HA what a joke. That's the most agravating thing of all. In my sun room their's this wall transformer that is supposed to plug into the wall to power the security system, guess how it gets from the wall in my sunroom over to the closet by the door...some idot punched a hole in the wall under the transformer and ran a wire threw and up to the transformer. <br><br>Once summer hit, my AC went out. I worked with them for almost two weeks trying to get it fixed, then finally they fix it and 2 weeks later, it's out again, same thing every time. I delt with that three times, finally, I said forget it, I'll just do without air. Now summers hit and I an't about to fire up that old, rusted, POS furnace and spend a fortue staying warm with it, thank God for space heaters. <br><br>After hours service, don't kid yourself. Security, none durring the day, durring the night though it's pritty good. Got a guy who runs around about once every 10 minutes or so to check things out. <br><br>Other people who live here. Most of them arn't very nice. No one says hi much and rarely does anybody make you feel like home. If you want to go for a swim in one of the 2 pools we have here. Well only one will be open and it's only open when they feel like it should be open. Even when it is, good luck on swimming, so many people up there making noise and bashing each other it's crazy. <br><br>Get this as well. Today they cut off the water to the apartments to fix a water leak in the ground. They knew they would need to fix it today, but did they bother telling anyone they were going to be working on it and would shut the water off? Of course not. I was in the middle of a shower when all of a sudden, no water. <br><br>We have just recently got new a new manager, really it's one of the same girls, but now she's climed the latter. She's nice and all, and she says she's going to make things better, but nothings really changed yet except the add in the paper changed to really state the truth about somethings, and her pasting some parking violations on abondonded cars. I guess time will tell. <br><br>In my oppeion, the rent here is very high for the poor conditions that you really live in. I have other friends who live around here in other communities and they not only have much nicer decorated, upkept apartments, but they are also bigger and their rent is less than mine.
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Wesley Creekside Apartments

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