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Concepts 21-Delk



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Office Staff
Resident 2001 - 2004 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/27/2004
This Is the worst possible place to live. I have been living here almost 3 years now and they still have not fixed my Air Conditioning that was broke when i moved in. They have been out to "fix" it about 10 times now, first they blamed in on the vents being open, then the that the filter was dirty, then i informed them that i work on AC systems for a living and that it has no Refrigerent in it and there is a leak. Everytime i try and get ANYTHING fixed it is an arguement because they are to lazy to fix anything. They have been overcharging me for the entire time i lived here. The upstairs apartment leaked water in my ceiling 4 seperate times, one time for a week before they even came out - and the last time the ceiling caved and there was water pouring down my walls and in my electrical sockets - they just patched the ceiling (didnt even try to match it) and left the rest of it to dry. My fridge has a broken door which makes water accumulate on the top of the inside (drips all over the food). They said they adjusted the door 6 times, never fixed it. The pilot lights on the gas stove blow out 2-3 times a day, they say that it is normal - that any little wind can blow them out (the place fills with gas when the pilots blow out and you start getting headaches, plus if left unattended could and probably would explode.) There was many other problems, i have completly giving up on them fixing anything and just dont call anymore. The area is terrible i hear sirens almost every night, the security guard was mugged one night, several car broken into, several cars painted on. One of the apartment buildings burnt down, looked like it exploded (probably a pilot that went out.) Terrible bug problem. Office staff are complete idiots. DO NOT LEASE OR EVEN COME CLOSE TO THESE APARTMENTS!!! WORST PLACE TO LIVE!!
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Concepts 21-Delk

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