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Concepts 21-Delk



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imaniG3 • Resident 2006 - 2008 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/17/2008
WHAT EVER YOU DO DONT EVER LIVE HERE!!! Ok me and my mom moved here around early august of 2006... aT fIRST we thought it was A NICE place, and the rent was only $625 for a 2 bed/1 bath...it was a good deal.Next after a month of living here, we already had roach problems...i mean those big U-G-L-Y flying roaches, and then these other weird looking bugs started to come,they were long and had a whole bunch of legs...they were creepy.They also have a HUGE spider problem also.Like daddy-long-legs,and these big brown spiders that hide in the coners of your room.Also someone has gotten robbed, and a taxi driver was shot in the head... We also have a front gate(that never works) that was suppose to stop random people who dont come in...like that helped! I all you have to do is pushed the gate and it opens. At night it's evan worse...there is not good lighting what so ever, it's what i would call PITCH BLACK! People are always walking around, talking very loud and blasting very loud musiq.There are people who have followed me from taking out the trash! One last thing, living on the bottom floor sucks... you can hear every little step the people upstairs make and the whole apt. shakes! Also just resently, the people upstair had a problem with there bath tub and the water spilled from the tub and water came crashind down fro mthe ceiling...i mean gallons and gallons of water, me and my mom were up from about 12 am the about 3:30 am... and the roof in the bathroom is still not FIXED!!! 5/8/09 NEW UPDATE PEOPLE!!! Ok ITS GOTTEN WORSE ...my nieghbor was a drug dealer,,and she wasshot to death most likely by her boy friend...a man was robbed while walking in to his house about 3 weeks ago and just yesterday a man was robbed once more by a man and to women... what the heck im 14 and im scared to even go to my friends house!!! Like really this isnt cool... Dont Come Hear...
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Concepts 21-Delk

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