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2600 Bentley Road Southeast, Marietta, GA 30067
2600 Bentley Road Southeast, Marietta, GA 30067

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Concepts 21-Delk



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bmore2atl • Resident 2007 - 2008 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/23/2009
IF YOU ARE BLACK OR --------, GOT KIDS, ARE EMPLOYED AND NO TIME FOR BULL$#!T, DO NOT MOVE HERE!!!!! YOU WILL BE MAD AS HELL THAT YOU DID!!! THEY HAVE A WHITE, 6'5" RENT-A-COP THAT WAS CRUEL TO MY CHILDREN AND THE POLICE DID NOT HELP!!! I NEEDED A POLICE REPORT, THEY WOULDN'T GIVE ME ONE. WENT TO THE STATION TO PICK IT UP, THERE WAS NONE!!!!!! I THREATENED TO SUE CONCEPTS 21!!! THEY GOT SCARED!!! AND LET ME OUT MY LEASE!!!! STAY YA A$$ IN ATLANTA!!! However, if the rent-a-cop(s) are gone, move in!! Concepts21 is OK for the $$$ =^) Now the good, the bad and the ugly. The Good: The two ladies in the office, especially Jackie, were nice. Maint. was professional and responsive. We had no pest issues. Sorry to hear about everyone else. The tenant appreciation party was nice and thoughtful. The pool was clean and kids enjoyed it. Rental office everyday, so rent can always be accepted. fireplace worked, cabinets adequate. Cobb Co. public schools are very nice. My son excelled in Marietta Middle. Lots of amenities close by. Could get to Atlanta in 15min. Their exit is just before the traffic jams. You can walk to the markets or to get take out, banking, entertainment, etc. Lots of walking distance options for everything you need!! The bad: First of all, it's been six months and they've hijacked my sec. dep. Second, the gate worked aver 10% of the time we were there (Oct.97-May98) When it did work, it stayed open long enough for 4 cars to go thru at once. NOT GOOD! As a result a cabby was murdered on the property. No place for children age 7 and up to play. Swings constantly broken, TOT playground out of date. Mgmt always suggests tennis court. Well the fence around the court kept a large hole in it and it was at the road. Not exactly the safest place for your kids to play. Tho, maint. was responsive, mgmt was slow supplying products to correct issues. Parking is not good at all. More vehicles than units. s/b min. 2spots, only 1 spot per unit. They planned to be rid of laundry for fitness center. Good luck getting your clothes cleaned!! LOL! The trees shed too much and they don't keep grounds clean/clear. The ugly: The fake rent-a-cop hates children, particularly minority children. He literally chased the kids, cursing - yes cursing - and threatened bodily harm. My husband stepped to him and of course rent-a-cop got his $h!t 2gether. Chump! A huge drug bust happened at the adjoining property. Drug traffic from same property caused another murder. Property across street had a murder. So that's three murders in first three months there. NOT GOOD! Marietta police are prejudice - maybe not all - but I've been a victim of and I saw a black man be victimized...and I didn't know him. I just happen to be at the traffic light to see it. When I needed management the most, I mean to be fair, honest and empathetic -THEY WEREN'T! Quite naturally, this was during the early termination of the lease. Concepts 21 couldn't give a rat's a$$ about me or my family. They only cared about their business.
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Concepts 21-Delk

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