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Concepts 21-Delk



Resident · 2007
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Office Staff
We left also because of the new manager and the security officer. We gave a notice to the office. The "security" officer speeds around the complex making traffic stops and harrassing the tenants. It doesn't matter if kids are playing or riding bikes in the street, he squeels tires and peels out inside the complex. When brandy took over as manager, she hired the security guy and also started towing the white vans that many of the tenants own. A large percentage of the tenants, includeing us, are in construction. We all have pick-up trucks or vans. She started having vans towed because they "look bad". Basically, the white vans are an indication that laborers (Latinos) are residents. So, even though we paid our rent on time every month, we were considered undesirable by the new management and were told to park the vans in a dark area at the end of the complex, making us vulnerable to crime. Those of us who did not park in the designated area had our vehicles towed in a mass towing organized by Brandy and her goon, the security guy. We gave notice and moved out when our lease was up, but we got a bill for more than$3,000 becauseshe said we did not give notice. We are getting collections notifications for these bogus charges. This place is a nightmare. STAY AWAY!!!
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Concepts 21-Delk

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