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Landry at East Cobb



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Office Staff
MYTENANTRATING • Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/08/2007
After been here for just a couple of months, I can honestly say that this property is the worst of the area. I have been renting for over 20 years and I have never found leasing staff so out of reality. <br><br>The property manager is a stuck up individual who obviously doesn live in reality. She is all smiles when prospective tenants show up, but once the ink is on the leasing contract, she turns into this property manager monster. <br><br>For every small administrative or maintenance, she would make it even worst when she got involved. And she always manages to fault the tenant (even the neighbors, or the own trees) before admiting fault. <br><br>That's just the administrative part. When it comes to the property, well, you can just pay a visit and see for yourself. They recently painted the property, but you can notice the bad shape of the buildings. The leisure grounds are in horrible shape. The gym has not been updated for years even after who know how many changes of management. Trash and parking are always a nightmare. Security is poor. There are so many things that are wrong here, that outweight the very few good things (price, location). <br><br>Dont take this review a standard to measure the property, but do take it into consideration. If people take the time and effort to warn others, is for a reason.
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Landry at East Cobb

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