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River Park Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/17/2007
After trying to take that shortcut, I laugh about them trying to promote it as an extra special ammenity. Guess they figure it's like a gym that not many people end up using anyway. I would almost say it's dangerous, but I'm sure something in the lease covers the complex if you slip and hurt yourself getting down that way! I still have to drive over there. <br><br>The trees are beautiful, yes, but being this close to nature attracts a lot of bugs. Not for the squeamish! I was so glad when it got cold enough for the palmetto bugs to go into hibernation! I was also glad to be able to stop using the A/C. When they fixed up the outside, they didn't do anything to improve the loud, electricity sucking units. To make mine quieter, they actually stuffed it full of styrofoam packing material. Hopefully it's not a fire hazard. I was wary of ever using it after that...<br><br>As for being pet friendly, as they advertise... Not so much. I am getting kicked out because my downstairs neighbor is out to get me. (She's a ceiling banger - hopefully no one will fill this vacancy for a while and have to live with her harassment.) My sweet little dog is causing a "disturbance."<br><br>At least 3 managers since I moved in less than 6 months ago. That's what you are dealing with. <br><br>The location is convenient to 285/75. That's all I would say about it after my experience.
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River Park Apartments

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