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Westminster Square



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mrscain1 • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/17/2007
I have lived here since last August and have experienced the worst staff and tenants EVER!!!<br><br>Let me begin by saying the staff seemed irritated when asked to do their jobs. Even in showing the apartments to me, the leasing agent was irritated when I was asking to be shown multiple floor plans. It was as if I was taking up too much of his time. When I came to sign the paperwork and get the keys to move in, the electricity was off when we did the walk-through. What a disaster! It was friday evening and the electric company informed me that it would not be turned on until Monday. It was nearly 100 degrees in that apartment and I was disappointed that the staff had not realized that the power was off when the inspected the apartment. This ordeal had me in the office from 12-5 trying to consult with the power company because I was moving in the next day.<br><br>Maintenance and the office staff are lazy. Less than a week after moving in, a pipe busted in my bathroom. I went to the office and explained to them that it busted. The agent asked if it was leaking and seemed unmoved by my request that someone come immediately. It wasn't until I stated to him that if they don't come immediately, they would have water damage because it was now overflowing onto my bedroom carpet, that he saw the urgency in the matter. The very next 2 weekends, I woke up on Saturday mornings to find no hot water. When I called the office, they seemed annoyed that I was calling to let them know that I didn't have any hot water and that I was probably the eighth person to have called. In a nasty response, she explained to me that she know about the water situation and that someone will be out there to work on it. On top of that, the ice maker did not work and maintenance was again annoyed by my wanting him to come and fix it (after putting in an order for it 3 times) Maintenance enters the apartment without leaving a note or letter letting them know that they have been there!<br><br>Now, let's bring you up to speed on the tenants. The tenants are very noisy, loud, and rude. I have complained 6 times to the office about my upstairs neighbor. His tv and music are so loud that I can sing along and listen along with him. His surround sound rattles and shakes my walls and everything in my apartment. When I called the courtesy officer, it took him hours to respond and he suggested to call the police. I have written letter and called several times about the noise and nothing happens. They tell me to call the police and after calling the police 3 times, then they can put him out. My 6 complaints on top of other neighbor's complaints mean nothing to this staff. They offer no help or support in the matter. As soon as my lease is up, I will leave, never to return to this hell hole of ugly service and residents. I'll let the next person deal with this tenant.<br><br>Oh, did I forget to tell you about the gate that's never closed? Try that on for safety. Enough said!
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Westminster Square

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