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Shenandoah Ridge



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/25/2005
the property boasts about their amenities--like the pool, and the laundry facility, yet they are many times out of commission. the laundry room washers dont clean well. the dryers for the longest time took hours to dry clothes(at $.25 per 15 mins) and for over a month, there was no hot water avail to wash clothes. also, i noticed that if you dont use a lot of fabric softener, the laundry smells sour the first time it gets wet/damp. <br><br>there are 2 pools. one was closed most of the summer due to repairs that could have been done before summer with proper planning. the other one was often closed. or the staff was late in opening it up. <br><br>maybe the staff just doesnt care about the amenities, since most of them dont use them. i dont know.<br><br>you can also expect your payments to go up. No good tenant incentives here. i pay my rent/water on time every month, never late, never been complained about, yet even after almost years, i dont get to keep the same price when i renew(unless i do a long lease). they should reward the good tenants by not raising the rent, then we could weed out those few bad ones.
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Shenandoah Ridge

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