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Hampton Point

820 Hampton Road

McDonough, GA 30253



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/02/2005
I moved into BridgeMIll Apts in the Spring of 05. I was painted this beautiful picture of what a great place it was. Do not believe anything they tell you, because they will most definitely lure you in,or should I say "sucker" you in to moving in. When I moved in they were having the special of a 3 b/r for 699. I said "wow" that sounds great, so I took it. Hind site is truly 20/20. I realize now that I should have asked questions why they were bascically giving away these apts for next to nothing. The apts are some of the most dirty apts I have ever seen. The outside is crawling w/ cobwebs, bugs, cig. butts, anything you could imagine. Not tomention the ,mold on the outside of them. I have even had to buy bugspray for the apt on the outside so when I walked out no one was hit in the face by bugs or webs. There are numerous problems w/ noise in these apts. The kids(any age) are a problem EVERYWHERE in this"community". The kids that are school age walk around at all times of day and night, they will not move from in front of your car. I have had to honk numerous times to get them out of the way. There have been "several" break in of apts and cars. Some we know about, ALOT we dont. I just read the previous comment and I had no idea that we ever had gunshots in these apts. THAT IS NOT A SAFE ENVIRONMENT FOR MY FAMILY.....Recently there were two car breakins in one night(2 that I know of). As i was leaving to go to work I saw a cop at one car talking to a neighbor of mine, as he was talking to her he got another call about a break in in the building over. We have gotten no notive about any of this. They just keep painting this field od daisies for future tenants, and that is not what it is. We "supposedly" have a security officer to ride thru..I NEVER see him ride thru, granted hes one person, but we have 270 units..GET SOME MORE SECURITY, WE PAY ENOUGH FOR IT..In summary, please do not move in. There is a reason why they have specials all the time, they arent safe or clean.. especcially think about htis if you have kids, youre single, or a single mom...NOT SAFE..I have a friend in here that has spoken to a Henry County Police and he states he lived here 2 years ago and it was fine. NOw he wouldnt let his dog live here. He said that Henry County receive calls from here all the time..Please take this into considertion while looking for a safe place to live.<br>*****P.S. FYI-if anything ever happens to you ar anything of yours on their property, they will hold you to your "lease"..They do not care about people, just peoples MONEY****<br>Thanks,<br>An Unhappy Tenant
Hampton Point Manager01/06/2017

We appreciate your feedback as we are always looking for ways to improve. Our community is under new management, and our goal is to maintain customer satisfaction while increasing the overall quality of living. Hampton Point possesses an attentive and professional staff devoted to helping make your stay with us as comfortable as possible.

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Hampton Point

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