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Ashford at Brown Ridge



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kaioshade • Resident 2012 - 2013 Recommended
Reviewed 01/03/2013
I stayed with Brown Ridge from January 2012 to December 2012. When i was first looking for an apartment, Mrs D and Hannah were extremely courteous, returning all phone calls, providing ample information, and made sure all questions were answered. I decided to make Brown Ridge my home. The unit i resided in was clean, and all fixtures worked properly. There was a small issue with the garbage disposal, which was promptly taken care of. Maintenance on the unit was minimal. The grounds were well kept, and renovations to the property are underway and progressing nicely. I will not be here to see the completion, but with the attention to detail to everything else leaves me to believe it will be very well done. The grounds are well lit at all hours, and there were no broken fixtures of lights during the entirety of my stay. Walking outside at night was never a problem for me, despite the location, i never felt unsafe on the grounds. Taking the garbage to the dumpster never felt like an adventure. While every apartment building will be different, my neighbors were very courteous and noise was rarely an issue. Parking was adequate, being enough spaces to find a spot, occasionally having to park around the back of the units on busy nights. Occasionally there would be people parking in direct front of the apartment where ambulance and loading would be, causing small problems occasionally. Management clearly discouraged it, but obviously cannot watch every single tenant every hour of the day. They did their best to communicate this to the tenants. Overall, my stay here was more than pleasant, and had i not obtained another job so far away from here, i would have been more than happy to renew my lease here for a second year. I definitely recommend this property for anyone looking for a good well knit community to call home.
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Ashford at Brown Ridge

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