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Creekside at White Oak

10 Lakeside Way

Newnan, GA 30265



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Office Staff
Resident 1997 - 1998 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/25/2002
My wife and I lived at Lakeside for exactly one year, and that was about 12 months too long for us. The management (I use the term loosely) team had different players about every six weeks, and everything that went wrong--which was virtually everything--was always their predecessors´ fault. We had the misfortune of having to make a snap decision and take their word for our apartment´s handicap-accessibility sight unseen, and what they said was literally true: there were no steps in our first floor apartment. However, there were several steps up from the parking lot to our first floor apartment. <br><br>They offered to let us take another apartment on the property--for a slight additional fee, naturally. <br><br>Once, when management decided to paint our building, they gave us the dates and told us to move our cars so that the overspray wouldn´t get on our cars. Unfortunately, they did not give the painting crews the same dates, so one of our cars was painted in the process. The other one was covered with a plastic tarp. The tarp had wet paint on the underside, which caused it to stick to that car. Management accepted no responsibility for any of this, and you can imagine my response. <br><br>Other reports about Lakeside are absolutely true--noisy, vandalizing children roam the property in vast herds; the "lake" is a mud pit; the walls are paper thin; many of the apartments are rented to intinerant, redneck construction workers who routinely break up the joint; the compactor is an eyesore, offensive to the nostrils and a health hazard; ants were better neighbors than the people upstairs; the construction standards in the newer sections are laughably low; the gate serves only to slow legitimate traffic down; and you can say goodbye to your security deposit as soon as you step on the carpet in your unit. I would sooner live in a refrigerator carton than set foot on Lakeside´s property again.
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Creekside at White Oak

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