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Preston Mill

140 Jefferson Parkway

Newnan, GA 30263



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/31/2005
And you have the nerve to call me "tralier trash". First of all - learn how to spell it. Second of all, I didn't say anything about MY kids, I said "the" kids have no place to play except in the parking areas due to all the crap in the grass. I have no children that live here - thank goodness!!! As for the courtesy office, he knew he had a full time job when he accepted the position as courtesy office in lieu of free rent. IT'S HIS JOB to police the area, enforce the laws and keep the residents informed. But wait, how can he enforce laws that he doesn't even abide by. It would do absolutely no good to complain to the managment staff, since the assistant manager and the courtesy officer are related. My credit is obviously as good as yours since we are living in the same place. You don't know me, therefore, don't judge me. You have your right to your opinion and I have mine. And no, being loud and constant noise does not come with living in an apartment, unless the apartment complex is less that what it is represented at the time the apartment is rented. Most people are courteous and respect the fact that other people live here, too. And of all the things that you had to complain about, I saw nothing regarding the blatant (do you know what that means) violations that are constantly in effect. Gas grill on wooden decks - fire code violation. People who don't pick up their pets waste - City Health Code violation that carries up to a $200 fine. Parking in unauthorized spaces, such as handicapped spaces and loading/unloading zones, vehicles should be towed. The property being advertised as a gated community, yet the back gate is open 95% of the time, all hours of the night. I could go on and on, but you wouldn't get it. Clean your toilet? As soon as you get your head out of it.
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Preston Mill

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