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Wood Trail



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creste • Resident 2009 - 2010 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/18/2010
Previous poster said it was nice and quiet but I guess it really depends on what building you live in and when you moved in. I had the great displeasure of being shoved in the back and right next door to some low class, white trash little teenagers who must have been cocaine addicts because these little bastards never seem to sleep or even sit still for that matter as they were in and out of their filthy, foul smelling apartment at least twenty times a day slamming the door each and every time they left. They had all these animals that they apparently never cleaned up after, if you stood downwind when they opened their door the smell would damn near make you want to vomit. To make matters worse as if they weren't bad enough on their own they would import their white trash friends and family members and then proceed to have loud parties and get drunk or high and fight with one another, wander up and down the sidewalk talking loud on their cellphone in the early am hours, using the bathroom outside for God only knows what reason and sneaking around the side of the building for what I'm guessing was to try to figure out how to steal cable which probably explains why I kept having problems with my internet connection. The reason that I bring all of this up was because the previous poster also said there were and I quote "no issues with management" and that's because management is hardly ever here. Doesn't really matter whether or not their here anyway because they are some of the indifferent individuals you will ever meet. I must have complained half a dozen time to the office about those creeps that lived next door to me and nothing was ever done about it. I finally had to resort to calling the police every time they made a sound and I think it freaked them out enough to make them leave. Now my new neighbors are this Mexican couple in their fifties who don't speak a word of English but seem nice enough. The walls are so thin here I can just about make out every word that's being spoken, or at least I think I'd be able to if I spoke Spanish. When my lease is up I'm out of here and someone else can have this little 500 sq ft shitbox
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Wood Trail

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