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Wood Trail



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Office Staff
Resident 2002 - 2003 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/22/2003
We were quite happy with our Apartment until we got aquainted with the Management. Our first run in was our lovely Manager who came hammering on our front door early one Saturday Morning while me and my wife were still asleep. When our Managers not waking us up then the grasscutters and leafblowers with there extremely loud machines will do the job instead. We have had problems with pests and asked repeatedly for the pest control people to come in but they only come once every few months regardless. We have also had to chase the Managment up over repairs to our Apartment and only upon stating we would be moving out unless repairs carried out were they then at last done. At the moment we have a blockage in our Kitchen sink because the garbage disposal is blocked and to make matters worse we have a dripping tap and the sink is steadily getting full of water, we have wrote twice about this and nothing has been done of yet which is a real pain. Parking is a joke, there is no designated parking spaces. After speaking to our Manager about putting notices out to ask other Residents to be considerate about parking when having guests, months later they have still not been put up even after being told they would. It really is annoying especially when you have to walk a distance back to your Apartment with grocerys and have to make several journeys, also its worrying when I am not around and my wife has to park away from the Apartment and leave for work in the dark or return in the dark in the Winter as I think its dangerous. We still have tar on our carpets from when the car park was closed off for days while it was resurfaced. We had the great inconvenience of a half mile walk while this was being done. The tar on our carpets was supposedly going to be cleaned which hasnt and I doubt ever will be while we are residing here at least anyway. Our wonderful Manager also seems to have a habit of towing Residents cars too for no particular reson when she feels like it. She also has a nasty habit of talking down to you like a child or a mentally challenged person which is very patronizing. The only good things that I can say is that it is in a good neighbourhood and they are nice Apartments although short on closet space. Good luck to you because your going to need it if you become a Resident here.
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Wood Trail

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