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Wood Trail



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Office Staff
Resident 2002 - 2003 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/26/2003
This is an update on our situation at Woodtrail. We have complained to the people that run Woodtrail Equity via an email listing all the problems which have been effecting us and I have since phoned a lady who is the District Manager of Woodtrail and had a disscussion over the phone with her. It was pretty much a waste of time and effort and it got very heated especially when told that my wifes safety concerning the parking situation wasnt of importance to them. Basically she ends up hanging the phone up on me which I consider to be very rude. I have since phoned back and left a message on her machine even appologizing just in case she took what I said to meaning something else. I have still not heard anything back. My wife and myself are suffering severe stress and depression having to keep dealing with these people. I think the attitude that I suffered with the District Manager pretty much sums up the whole of Woodtrails Managments attitude which is basicaly that it doesnt care for its Residents, it only cares about making a quick buck regardless of its Residents lives and feelings. This note about Woodtrail may seem quite harsh but that is how much the situation has got us both down with living here and in the manner with which we are being disrespected. I wouldnt wish on my worst enemy what we have had to endure here.
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Wood Trail

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