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Wood Trail



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/15/2003
We are now coming towards towards the end of our stay at Woodtrail in Jackson St, thank goodness. It has been a awful experience living here, the reason being that the Management treats its Residents in a rude, unprofessional and uncaring way. Examples being such as the Manager walking away from me while I am still talking to her, that is just plain dissrecspectful ! Also we have had requests for Pest Control to come around repeatedly ignored. On one occasion we had to remove a large web that had started to cover our front door area as Management didnt seem intrested in removing it for us after we had notified them too. We had to buy our own Pesticides and spent a fortune on them while we have been living here as the Apartment seems to be infested with Spiders and Roaches and on a few occasions posionous Spiders too ! We have had enough of our lives being putting at risk and being treated with dissrespect. Also we are fed up with the Grass Cutters and Leave Blowers making so much noise when doing there jobs sometimes even as early as 7 am and even sometimes on Weekends when it would be nice to not be awoken and have a lie in. It almost seems sometimes that it is being done delibertly to annoy Residents. Im not suprised at all that so many people have wrote such bad Reviews about this Apartment Complex. Im only suprised that there is one good Review, I would imagine that Review was either wrote by the Managment of Woodtrail or the owners ! All in all, an Hellish place to live.
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Wood Trail

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