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Wood Trail



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Office Staff
Resident 2002 - 2003 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/30/2004
We have at last just moved out of Woodtrail Apts and now I know how it must feel for a Prisoner to be released from Prison! Moving out is the best thing that we have ever done, the worst thing, moving to this Apt Complex from Hell. The main reason for our happiness now was the awful and I cant stress that word enough, awful Management that exits at Woodtrail. The Manager was an absoloute so and so and made our lives a misery living here. To get repairs done in our Apartment was like Mission Impossible, thats how much of an effort it was to get things repaired, it took countless times of us asking verbally and even writing letters. The Manager trys to cause as much inconveience to Residents as possible such as having the whole Complex Car Park closed and without barely any notice so she could resurface it, so people had to walk a good half mile to get to and from there Apartments instead of it being done in sections and not inconveniencing the Residents so much. Deliberatly having grass cutters and leaf blowers come around early in the morning even on Weekends. The Pest Sprayer is another pest literally, he comes in to our Apartment one time regardless of the fact that I am in the Bathroom having a bowel movement and upon asking to come back afterwards replies I Will be back in a few mins, regardless of weather I am done or not on the toilet. Pests galore in the Apt, the pest sprayer only ever came around a couple of times during our stay even after many requests for our Apartment to be sprayed. The straw that broke the camels back for me was when we complained about the fact that we could never get a parking space in front of our Apt or in a nearby space, after having a conversation with the Distract Manager who hung up on me it became obvious that it wasnt just the Office Manager who didnt care about the Residents or there safety and that is what upset me, that my wife could not park her car within a safe walking distance at nite when I am maybee not at home to be able to make sure she gets in safely, its especially dangerous with the dim and little lighting there is outside. Its also very inconvienient when you have shopping which you have to carry a distance to your Apt. Our Manager of the Apts was so rude and walked away while I was in the middle of talking one day and also on one occasion because we got the day that rent was due mixed up, she came banging at our door at about eight in the morning, waking us up and didnt stop until we answered. We thought it must be the Police or something, or some kind of an emergency and it was that mean hefter. She demands the months rent there and then on the spot too, it couldnt just be dropped in later in the day. Basically at the end of the day, Woodtrail dont care about Residents or there safety, just about making dollars and in doing so, spending the little on upkeep of the Apts as possible, hence the few repairs. This uncaringness about our safety was what caused us to finally leave although the ironic part is the Office Manager is now supposedly retired although that has happened once before and she came back like a bad penny, so theres no guarentees there. Although if she has finally gone then thats one plus for this Apt Complex although with the Distact Manager still employed and after our bad experiences there, we would rather be homeless and living in a tent, then rent a Apt at Woodtrail again! Truly a Hellish experience, nightmare seems a tame word to sum up this place.
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Wood Trail

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