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Ashford Indian Trail

1100 Indian Trail Road

Norcross, GA 30093



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Resident 2013 - 2016 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/10/2016
I lived in this community for the past three years. It is a good community if you are looking for your first apartment, or if you need something on the lower end. However, it does has some issues that need to be worked out. The pros: The landscape- There are so many beautiful trees in this community. Flowers and shrubs are strategically planted in certain areas, and it makes the complex look really beautiful. Flowers bloom on some trees in the spring, and it looks amazing. Very spacious-all of my friends were amazed at how much space I had. You probably won't find an apartment as spacious as these for the price. Lots of windows, high ceilings, open floor plan. Awesome! Quiet-My neighbors were pretty quiet. Of course, you will hear occasional sounds, but it's nothing overbearing. Maintenance- The maintenance guys were pretty quick with handling requests. You could submit a work order through the resident portal. Location-If you are trying to get close to the city, this isn't the closest complex. However, you can go straight down Indian Trail and hop on 85. Cons: Roaches-I had a SERIOUS roach problem. I am not the most organized person, but I keep my personal space in pretty good shape. No matter how clean the apartment was, at least one roach would appear. It gets REALLY bad in the summer time. At one point, I was seeing at least one roach a day, and they would be everywhere. Some of the apartments are surrounded by trees, so that could have contributed to the issue, but it was still bad. Didn't see too many during the winter, but they were still there. I was always afraid to turn on the lights. Staff-When I first moved in, the staff was absolutely horrible. There was a particular individual who was absolutely horrible, but I believe she's gone now. They were rude and gave incorrect information. For instance, the horrible staff member quoted me a specific amount for my move in deposit, and when I came back, she said that she made a mistake, and that my deposit was actually DOUBLE THE AMOUNT. Luckily, I had the money, but it could have been a disaster. Now, the staff is much better. Pest control staff from a third party will occasionally come out. One time, they left my door UNLOCKED. Not cool. Safety- With every community, situations may arise. My first two years were ok, but there were some criminal incidents (attempted break ins and similar things). In 2015, however, it seemed that the crime rate had increased. Someone stole the rims off of a vehicle in broad daylight, and there was a homicide on the other side of the complex. The complex has two entrances, and neither are gated. I guess the gate broke and they never cared to fix it.To be fair, they did make an attempt to increase safety by adding additional security officers. That made me feel safer. However, sometimes I would see them congregating in the same area talking and laughing, so I felt that they couldn't truly patrol the area doing so. I never went to the gym because I didn't feel safe. Cleanliness-Breezways are always dirty. Previous neighbors got into a fight and spilled blood on the concrete, and they tried to make it better by spraying paint over it. Fire extinguisher doors were always open and cracked. Parking lots were always littered with trash. Once I went to wash my clothes in the laundry facility, and there was DOG DOO DOO on the ground, and it was a LOT. People would put trash inside of the washers and driers. There is only one dumpster! This may not seem to be a real concern, but the complex is HUGE so there needs to be more than one. Trash was always overflowing, leaking, and STANKIN. People would dump huge pieces of furniture out there, which brought down the ambience of the property. Who wants to see that? At one point, they changed out all of the toilets and left them outside of the dumpster! Price-When I first moved here, rent was awesome. The second year, the price increased 50.00. The third year, it increased $122.00. This is not a luxury apartment at all, so I don't understand why the price increased so much. Nothing was renovated or added, so I can't understand what we were paying for. The washers and driers even went up .25, and sometimes they didn't work properly. Outdated-Appliances and cabinets were outdated. The apartments near the Steve Reynolds entrance have a more modern appearance. The ones on near the Indian Trail entrance, however, need a good power washing. The "gym" only had a few machines and many of them were broken. Overall, I had an ok experience here. If you are thinking about moving here, I would speak to a staff member in detailed, and get everything documented. Ride around the complex and get a feel for the neighborhood. It isn't the best place, but it's not the worse
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Ashford Indian Trail

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