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Ashford Indian Trail

1100 Indian Trail Road

Norcross, GA 30093



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gingerbayybee • Resident 2017 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/25/2017
AVOID DO NOT MOVE IN HERE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE STAFF PROPERTY AND PEOPLE !! I have advised everyone I know and anytime I see people heading to check out the property of my issues and I haven't been here half a year !! Upon viewing the property I was advised of the available units and shown a beautiful model that made me fall in love w the property. She stated the apartment would be the same only difference sunroom or patio. I tried to do a walk through for the apartment about 3 times before I actually moved in but kept being told I needed to do it the day I signed. Being in a tough spot because my lease was up and I was paying monthly on my previous place & wanted to move closer to work I decided to go w it how different could it truly be ?! Well move in day the leasing agent kept asking me to sign first view after but I refused and asked to see the unit. The unit was NOT upgraded, NOT remodeled it was basically the oldest unit they had but she told me it was fixed I got "Brand new carpets just installed and would be charged if any stains were on the new carpet when I left" (VIEW PICTURES/Black Light photos of carpet DAY of move in) My ice maker didn't work my dishwasher door wouldn't hold it slammed straight to the ground after opening because it had no spring but was so old it wasn't fixable the just continued to fill the gaps with foam that always came off. The bathroom sink was basically coming apart and fixed multi times. My bath tub was patched w a "mat that was glued into place" but it's a huge air bubble that forms when you shower and really weird feeling if you don't expect it. The night I moved in my toilet clogged according to the contractors that were called the next day it had BEEN backed up for months and they should have been out sooner. They ended up having to come twice to de-clog from MONTHS ago. I woke up from a nap after leaving my patio door ajar not fully open for air and 2 of the stray cats from outside were hanging out in my living room looking through my boxes. I asked for animal control/screen and was told it wasn't an issue on the property's end. When I told them I was going to install my own screen they advised it would be removed promptly because it takes away the "unification of the property" well how about that mountain of trash that happens every week because they allow people to throw their entire apartment in the dumpsters at any given time you'll see 3-4 mattresses couches tvs etc. how is that a unified property ?! The office is VERY unprofessional they refuse to speak w you only want to email & stick to "blah blah we can't help policy says this, policy says that" UNLESS you score them bad on their maintenance and work order surveys then a low level office assistant will call to listen to your gripe but doesn't mean anything will be done. The are very picky about who they want to deal w and who they don't not sure if this is a family business or what but if you cannot speak their language or look like the ladies in the office they don't want to even LOOK at you when you walk in it's very displeasing. I've never had a late payment in my rental history and ONCE had error w my rent occurred even after my bank sent in multi documents showing the error they still threatened me w an EVICTION for $150 they claim is policy but according to the POLICY its up to manger discretion regarding the late fee w proof of bank error they should have accommodated. When my bank asked for info to send to refund me these charges they REFUSED to send the documents so I could get my money back. The complex charges $19 for using a debit/credit card , routing and account number are free but take 5-7 to withdraw cannot use prepaid bank accounts OR you have to go to money gram you cannot pay w a money order. The leasing agents refused to give me corporates number until I became red in the face in the office and "corporate" (which is a voicemail box) STILL hasn't called me back. When I emailed the office regarding my extremely rude obnoxious and loud neighbors they turned around and sent ME a complaint stating I couldn't play music and burn sages DURING THE DAY because to them "it had an offensive smell" (The property officer went up to check and could not find any offensive smell they were claiming ) I went to speak w my horrible upstairs comrades they told me they wouldn't stop (whatever they do at 2-330am EVERYDAY) and the leasing office has yet to notify them of their nuisance because every night like clock work I get woken up at 2am ! I sent my friend to the office one day for a simple task while I was working and the same evening I received a letter stating I needed my friend to fill an application as a tenant because they have been seen on the property more than once EVEN THOUGH THEY DO NOT LIVE HERE !!!!???? I wasn't aware I couldn't have guests at MY house for as long as I'd like they should be able to depart and return and not be claimed as a resident because they've been seen before yet i live in a 1bd/1bth but many of the people in my building have some of the same 4/5 people in/out their apartments beside and above me. Maintenance has come to fix the same issue 3 times yet .... I just put in another work order ... basically .... They are the absolute WORSE development to live in and for the price it's not worth the headache or the extra money you will be spending I could have gotten a much better area for less money.
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Ashford Indian Trail

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