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Azalea Hills Condominium



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/16/2005
While the apartment models and floorplans are spacious and all, I found the buildings had SEVERE structural problems regarding the plumbing and pest control. The leasing agent I had originally (Cedric) was great and hardworking, always cheerful, and attentive. Unfortunately, he was mysteriously transferred or something about a week after I moved in, and it's been a nightmare since. I've lived here 6 months and have had 3 major leaks sprung (one actually reopened 2 weeks after they fixed it, so I gess you could say 4 leaks). Each time, cracks opened in my ceiling, resulting in both water and wet, cracking plaster raining atop my possessions. My maintenance requests were taking as long as THREE MONTHS to be resolved, despite lodging reminder maintenance requests on a weekly basis. The staff didn't care. And the manager was nowhere to be found... until I got the number of the company that OWNS the apartment and called them direct. Since then, miraculously, my maintenance requests have been getting resolved in a rather timely fashion, and the manager is suddenly always there and willing to make time for me :) But frankly, all the smiles and butt-kissing in the world couldn't get me to renew this lease. So, uh... good luck, y'all!
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Azalea Hills Condominium

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