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Gwinnett Pointe

1300 Beaver Ruin Road

Norcross, GA 30093



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Office Staff
Resident 2015 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/27/2015
I cannot believe this place has as high of a rating that it has. I've been a resident for only 2 months and will list the things I've experienced already in this short span. I moved in the same week of 4th of July and expected the pool to be open. 4th of July came (Saturday), and the office decided to close it (on a sunny day too). I decided to use the gym tonight at 8pm. They chained the gate to the pool which is the only access to the gym. Water leaked from the water heater room and got all over the carpet from the hall way into my bedroom and into the living room. Maintenance didn't respond until 3 days later, but didn't do ANYTHING. They just decided to email me saying they completed the work order and that it is now closed ( they had not even stepped foot into my apartment when I received this email). Long story short , I reached out to the property manager, who acted so nonchalantly and unapologetically. Fast forward, one week later they finally took out the carpet to wet vacuum it. I also told them the walls in my linen closet were completely wet and needed them to replace the sheet rock before I get mildew or mold. Sure enough, a week later mildew grew everywhere and they just sprayed some stuff on it. I went on vacation for 2 weeks. And got billed $80+ for the same time frame. One day I pulled up the blinds and the whole thing came down on me. OK no big deal. Maintenence came and didn't even try to reinstall the parts hooked onto the blinds. Instead, he literally screwed the top of the blinds into the wall. I just know I'm not paying for that ---- when I move out! There's a HUGE Crack going horizontally above the tub. I called maintenance to put in some calk. What they did looked like a 3 year old dipped his finger into white paint and smeared it around the crack(not even on it) but around it. Needless to say, there's still a long deep Crack going around my tub, and the tiles look like it's about to fall off the wall. Black oil looking substance is leaking from the wall in the bathroom. I inspected it, and it looked like wall paper was previously on the wall and they simply painted it over. I just don't know what this black tar looking stuff is!!! Finally, I now have actual mold growing on the wall in the bedroom. It's all white and fuzzy and black. It looks as if it's just growing. I will see how soon they respond and resolve this issue and update you on it. This by far is the most poorly managed property I've ever lived in. They don't take care of this place what-so-ever and tenants are suffering from it. At this point, it's become a health hazard for me and my family. It's a shame too, because the layout is very spacious and has lots of potential. Update: Sure enough, I had to chase maintenance down to follow me back into my apartments to take care of the mold situation. Like I assumed, they sprayed a mildew solution and wiped the MOLD away....I could've done that myself. I'm starting to see the mold slowly but surely come back. Dear management team: I don't need you to spend your precious time responding back to my review. Rather, spend it on doing your job correctly. For starter, pay the bill to your vendor to come have the trash compactor emptied out. Trash has been overflowing to the point residents are setting their trash on the streets of the parking lot.
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Gwinnett Pointe Manager09/28/2015

Good Morning, Gwinnett Pointe team takes resident feedback very seriously; as it offers us an opportunity to improve. Although you seem discouraged, we do appreciate your feedback. As the community manager, my door is always open. Please allow us an opportunity to address your concerns. Feel free to stop by anytime or contact us to schedule a meeting, at your convenience. Best Regards, Gwinnett Pointe Team

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Gwinnett Pointe

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