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Park Trace Apartment

3450 Jones Mill Road

Norcross, GA 30092



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Fertessa • Resident 2016 - 2017 Recommended
Reviewed 05/01/2017
Almost a year ago I started my apartment hunt for my very first apartment. I had a long list of 50 apartments, which I narrowed down to about 15 I would visit between the Norcross, Dunwoody, and Duluth area. Out of all the apartments I viewed both on and off paper, only two left a good impression. Park Trace was the most impressive of the two. I'm writing a review, because this site was critical in helping me narrow down if a complex was even worth burning the gas to visit. Park Trace's rare high rating was what pushed me to visit a 2nd time when my first visit didn't go as planned (thanks to a mix-up with a different but similarly named complex). The first thing I noticed in my visit was that the front office was conveniently placed int he front. It was easy to spot and easy to get to, which you would think is normal, but not all complexes are equal. Upon getting out of my car, the second thing I noticed was that the complex was clean. Not superficially clean either. It was a clean where I looked on the roof of the front office and I didn't see year-old spiderwebs and rain-sodden leaves. I didn't feel like I had to duck just to enter a doorway untouched. The third, and possibly most important thing, that I noticed was the front office staff. There are two women who runt he front desk, and Chery was the one who I first met. Normally, name dropping makes me think reviews are fake, but it's eays to remmeber the ladies at the front desk, because they are always there. The thing I noticed the most between apartment complexes was that they had a revolving door policy with its employees. I couldn't find a complex with staff who had been there longer than a year, and even that was rare. Many had front desk staff who had been there weeks who were trying to tell me why I should live there. The women at Park Trace have been at Park Traces for years. YEARS. I can't even remember how many, but I believe it's at the very least, five. They live on the property, which further assured me that they believed and stood behind everything they said about the property. Both women do their best to maintain the quality of this complex, and it is apparent from the moment you walk in. They know many of the residents by name, if not by face, and they address any issues ASAP. For instance, I had a shower knob that came loose, and within 24 hours it was fixed. Park Trace is a bit hard to get into, because the apartments go so quickly. When I visited, I was told that most likely I wouldn't be able to see the apartment I was getting until it was time for me to move in, because of how quickly people snatch up the apartments. I was VERY nervous about getting an apartment sight unseen, but the tour of a similar apartment, and my assurance int he character of the two women at the front desk made me brave enough to take the risk. I haven't regretted my decision for one day. In fact, a month after I moved in, Google Fiber finished installation and then i was REALLY living the life. Park Trace is convenient for me, because commute wise, I don't get caught in traffic, and food/entertainment-wise it's about 15 to 20 minutes from Buford Highway and Duluth. It sits not five minutes away from Quicktrip, and about 10 minutes from Sprouts, Publix, Market Wal-mart, and Super Target. I want for nothing. I have lived here for about 7 months and I have had no problems with my neighbors. They have all been pretty friendly, and other than the occasional jerk blasting their music from their car, the complex is blissfully quiet. (And by occasional, this has only happened two, maybe three times). The complex recently got the fences entirely redone, and they're also fixing the concrete where we park. Maintenance does everything I could wish for. My biggest complaint would be the laundry system, and that's because you have to pay cash to the front office staff and they put that money on your card, which is inconvenient if you decide to do laundry when the office is closed. Other than that, I love this place, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable, peaceful, well-maintained complex. I have never felt unsafe in this complex, even when walking my dog at night. (I mean stay alert, but I worry more about a random animal than a human attacking me) So yes, if you're looking, do look here. And if you feel yourself balk because you have to sign sight-unseen; don't. It's worth it. You can trust the two women at the front. They will only give you an apartment of quality when it is time for you to move in. :)
Park Trace Apartment Manager05/01/2017

Fertessa, thank you so much for taking the time to share your positive experience. We are ecstatic to hear that you have found a happy home in our community! We cannot thank you enough for your continual residency and for the details in your experiences with us. We are so grateful for your kind words and will pass them along to the entire team. We will also share your concerns regarding our laundry system with our team to improve their services for future guests and residents. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any suggestions. We look forward to seeing you around. Have a great week! - Your Team at Park Trace Apartment Homes

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Park Trace Apartment

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