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Stone Brook

1405 Beaver Ruin Road

Norcross, GA 30093



Resident · 2016 - 2017
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
This is a horrible horrible place to live. We cannot wait until our lease is over. Counting the days until we can move out. When had to wait before we moved in so they could fix the place up from the people who moved out. Said they were going to replace the carpet, stove etc. They did not, we have all kinds of stains from the previous people and a stove burner that doesn't work. The kitchen cabinets are gross, uneven, the insides of them are peeling up. The front door looks like someone has tried to break into the place, and judging by the padlock someone had put in, I'm thinking someone has. I don't have any issues with management really, they are nice enough and remind you about packages etc. But the property and the area is just literal trash. The trash compactor overflows and people are always always always throwing out so many random things and they leave them on the ground by the trash compactor. It looks like a hot mess. There are groups of children of all ages who walk and ride their bikes around the middle of the road and crawl under cars and do other unsafe things and their parents don't care. There are literal drug dealers in this neighborhood. Other neighbors have talked about how there used to be more drug dealers here, but some left. People are always getting the police called on them, having loud verbal fights outside at night, or just loitering outside in the parking lot drinking. It is WAY too expensive to live here for it to be sooooo nasty and unsafe. If we hadn't been desperate to get an apartment, we would have never settled for this place. Also, the bathroom sink is not in the bathroom, its in the bedroom. There are no screens on the windows, the paint is nasty, the landscapers that come out every wednesday and literally have the leaf blowers on for literally 5-6 hours do not make the outside look any better. I can hear our neighbor snoring like he is in the room with us. There are roaches and they will put the notices on your door that pest control is coming the next day and to get everything out of your kitchen, and then the pest control never comes! They will give you these notices every week for 4-5 weeks before pest control actually comes, so you put everything up in your kitchen every single week and waste your time. They tore the tennis court up put in a basketball the tennis court was an amenity we were going to use come spring. We hear random gun shots at night or early in the morning. Grown people are always walking, so many people don't have cars, they just walk. Have you ever seen a drug dealer loudly kick a prostitute out of their apartment in the middle of the night? I have since I've lived here!
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Stone Brook

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