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Village West at Peachtree Corners



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/31/2007
OKay, so, my lease is up soon, and I was looking for another apartment complex and came across this wesite. How awesome is this??? I love the site! Anyway, about Bristol Court (otherwise known as hell), there has been nothing but bad things happen since me and my fiance moved here. We planned on getting a 3BD/2BR, and the day we were moving in (i.e. all of our belongings on a U-Haul and nowhere else to go with it) they told us there was "a problem" with the unit that we were getting and we could not move in because there was no power. (Turns out Ga. Power removed the box from the unit until it gets inspected because there was a FIRE)So they told us that there was only one unit available for us. It was a 2BD/2BR. Ok, no problem. When we got down to it, and saw the place, it was FILTHY! The carpet had not been VACUUMED, let alone SHAMPOOED. It was horrific. The walls were banged up, and filthy. The bathrooms and kitchen had not even been cleaned. They told us it was either that or we wait three days while they clean it. Yeah thats a great idea. What, are we supposed to sleep on the U-Haul with everything we own? I think not. They gave us no choice. So, we moved in. They have not, and will not, replace the carpet, paint the walls, fix the whole in the wall that is our air vent for our dryer (fire hazard), replace the oven that doesnt work, NOTHING! We have put in SEVEN work orders for that and NOTHING! I have to call the cops ALL THE TIME for different things, this place is CRIME central! Also, the garbage gets piled up at the compacter for days and nothing is done about it. This whole place is a trash heap. NOone has respect for anybody and do not even try to talk to the office about anything. After you sign a lease, their attitude completely changes. They have not compensated us in any way for the hell we have been through. Oh, yeah, and the management has changed FIVE TIMES since we moved in LAST JANUARY. Nice.
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Village West at Peachtree Corners

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