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Grande Oaks at Old Roswell

100 Legacy Oaks Circle

Roswell, GA 30076



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insrchofgoodapt13 • Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/10/2007
I don't know where to begin. I have to clean our toilet every few days b/c the hard water creates a black, slimy substance all in the toilet. The shower drain is clogged & drano does not help. My boyfriend has to dig around in it w/ a hanger to unclog the unknown substance. The hot water lasts for MAYBE 10 minutes. We can hear every move that people upstairs & outside are making. These apartments have zero insulation. Grande Oaks cares more & spends more money on their landscaping than they do the tenants. I understand that they are painting, pressure washing, & hammering on the buildings (which I can appeciate ONLY b/c the buildings won't look run down), but do they really have to be hammering @ 9am??? Especially on the weekend?!! B/c of this place, I have adapted to sleeping w/ a gigantic eyesore of a box fan that sounds like an airplane so I can ATTEMPT to block out all the noise. Ever since the hammering started this week, the fan is no good anymore. I think we are WAY too knowledgeable about insects now. There are so many different species roaming around this apt that I had never seen before. DISGUSTING! Oh! The refrigerator freezes everything & there's no way to fix it. The office staff is absolutely TERRIBLE!! I can't really say anything about maintenance. The landscaping company this place uses has sounded like they're trying to destroy the side of our apt w/ the weedeater. THERE IS NO WAY TO REST PEACEFULLY HERE! We can't wait to move out soon! This place is WAY too expensive & the apt is soo tiny. It's a hell hole. The only good thing that happened is, somehow, the drug dealer close to us has packed up & moved. Also, there's dog feces everywhere, so that's what I get to smell in the morning/evening when I walk out to my car. The parking availability isn't bad. I just can't get over the people above us. I mean...what are you doing up there? I hate this place. PLEASE DO NOT MOVE HERE. I am a rational person & you can trust that my opinion is correct.
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Grande Oaks at Old Roswell

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