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Manchester at Mansell



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cachetq2 • Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/26/2007
From the outside everything looks great. The trick is once you sign the lease you are doomed. I have lived here from June of 2005 and have switched apartments once, one bad situation to another. The first apartment was chewed to death by a dog that they didn't fix before I moved in and later tried to pin the charges on me. The second apartment was roach infested and later found out that they only pay the pest control to spray the living room. I have had my toilet fixed or not at least two to three times a month since Jan of 2006. Finally when I threatened to call the corporate office which they will never give you the number to ever someone pulled the toilet out of the floor and found where someone before us had flushed a metal rod. Hello the snake didn't fix it the first ten times eleven is not the lucky number. Nothing is an emergency to the management so don't expect someone to ever come the same day you put in an order unless you threaten the leasing office. I was nine months pregnant with no way to have running water in my kitchen which meant I could not cook or have drinking water they told me that was not an emergency. OK I Get starve the pregnant lady not smart. Once again I asked for the corporate number they told me they don't know it LIARS. But within ten minutes of me asking for the number maintenance was knocking on my door. I asked them why they didn't come earlier they said no one ever relayed the call to them that I had put in 10 in the morning and now it was 5 pm that evening. I tell you now I know why I got such a deal on rent , I should use the money I am saving each month to hire my own plumber, exterminator and anything else that I need. My only advise is if you already live here keep DrainO, a plunger (put your name on it because maintenace stole ours while we were gone)and 20 cans of RAID and Bee spray.
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Manchester at Mansell

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