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Riverwood Apartments



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Office Staff
AcuRent • Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/05/2007
Aside from the crummy appartments, the staff have the worst customer service training in the world. They are combative, insulting and look for a way to discredit any request or issue you might have. I have always been great on rent so I'm not a dead beat. <br><br>I had a friend of mine who moved in to the place and I never got a referral fee. One lady who was working there was getting me on track to get my fee, but someone else who worked there kept denying I was owed one. The lady who was working there that was helping me get what was owed to me seemed to have been fired within 2 weeks of working there ... go figure.<br><br>I have been there well over a year and sadly never moved, but the last straw must have been the rats I hear in the walls scurring around. I had my upstairs neighbor water leak and it dripped into my bathroom for well over amonth before the problem got "Fixed" they never completley fixed the mold problem just painted over the dark marks.<br><br>The water preassure is horrible too. The water barely comes out of the pipes. Rent has increased almost 200dollars since I first moved in. I would understand this for newer places, but these apartments were built in the 70s. <br><br>The lighting in the place is bad. Don't venture around the place at night too much unless you risk getting mugged. Kids run by and jiggle the door knobs at night sometimes<br><br><br>Do not rent from here unless you have nowhere else to go. I also think anyone who has rated this place over a 3 obviously is someone who works at the Apartment complex. There is no way anyone likes the place that much.
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Riverwood Apartments

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