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Retreat at Hidden Bay

2000 Harbor Pines Drive

Saint Marys, GA 31558



Resident · 2018 - 2019
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Office Staff
Here's my review of the Retreat at Hidden bay, this place is exactly what you get for what you pay, 650 sq foot apartment for 750$ a month, the floors are slightly caved in through out my apartment, the AC can't keep up in the summer, and this summer wasn't particularly a hot one. Keeping that in mind if you have pets they state non-aggressive breeds which is pretty open to interpretation. The neighborhood children run around the parking lot hiding behind cars and playing around blind corners so if you aren't driving less than 5 mph there is a high chance you'll have a close encounter with a little one running around. I've seen people peeling out of parking lots, my neighbor smoked weed until he moved out, the walls are paper thin so be prepared to listen to EVERYTHING that's going on. Some of these things are to be expected with a small apartment that's cheap sure, however after numerous complaints to management the only helpful one is the guy that works in the office, if you go to him and explain the situation he will try and be helpful however the woman down their has no concept of reality. The guy lives in the apartments and i believe he genually cares about the place because he lives here as well so keep that in mind, it's not as close as might be listed to the base and surely not as nice as the other apartments around for similar prices. I've always paid my rent on time and it's required to set up start and stop dates for auto payments and that's understandable because who wants to be charged for rent when they aren't living there? Well this brings me to the "straw that broke the camels back" Once auto pay runs out there is no notices, no phone calls, no emails, they just leave a letter on your door saying you didn't pay, here's a late fee and if you don't pay soon you will be going through the process of being evicted! How exciting, IDK about you but if someone didn't pay me on time, i think i would call and ask or email or something because life happens and maybe they just forgot or maybe something is going on with their bank or something, instead when i brought this up to management she said oh yeah i can see you're on auto pay however it's the responsibility of the tenant to ensure we get paid.
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Retreat at Hidden Bay Manager


Roy, we are deeply disappointed by this portrayal of our community. We always want to provide a comfortable space for our residents in all aspects of their lives here. Our pet policy is very standard, and we are always happy to answer questions about it and clarify anything that seems vague or confusing. When it comes to any maintenance concerns, we do urge you to submit a work order so our team can get to it as efficiently as possible. Our policies when it comes to late or missed rent should be clearly stated on your lease, and we never want our residents to feel blindsided by something. If something seems unclear, we would be happy to go over it with you, and we're always glad to answer any questions you have. We truly do want to help. However, we must apply our rules to all residents equally. We would be glad to speak with you about this more in-depth, so please reach out to us at the leasing office to schedule a time to meet. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Retreat at Hidden Bay

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