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Harbor Pointe

500 Harbor Pointe Parkway

Sandy Springs, GA 30350



Resident · 2007
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Office Staff
Well, I just moved into this place last week. I'm in a 2br/1ba on a top floor. So far all I can say is, I've seen worse. Yes, there are lots of "brazilians" around, but they're certainly not the worst ------ trash possible to find in Atlanta. I had to move in on short notice so I wasn't really able to get a feel for the people until I had been there a few days. Had I known I probably would have kept looking, but I checked out several other complexes in the price range in the area and they all appeared much worse so... lesser of the evils as far as I can tell so far. As of yet I've not seen a single bug in the unit. However, if you go outside at night and look there are indeed lots of roaches running around outside. I'm really worried I'll get infested and that they just did some kind of spray to keep them out for a little while to get us to move in. So... no roaches inside yet, but I have a feeling that may change soon. There's just too many running around outside for them not to make their way in eventually. The noise level isn't as bad as some reviews I've seen. The residents here definitely party it up on Fri. and Sat. nights but during the week it's quiet enough. The unit itself was very nice upon moving in. New carpet throughout, new vinyl in bathroom/kitchen, fresh paint, the air works great and will drop the temp to freezing in a matter of minutes. The fireplace is nice as well. Honestly, as far as the unit itself goes, I have no complaints whatsoever. Maybe I got lucky? Who knows. The office staff has been very, very nice. Upon moving in we had a bit of an issue with the signing of the lease and keys being released to my girlfriend, but the leasing manager person actually came and opened the office and waited on me to arrive for at least 30 min. at 10:00 at night so they could give me the keys. I *really* appreciated that. Otherwise I'd have been paying for my truck an additional day. Overall the location is nice, the price is nice, and the unit is nice, but the quality of the residents and community is certainly garbage. There are indeed little yard apes running around all over, from the breezeways to the streets. The tennis court is definitely a soccer field and not used for tennis. I'm new and really hoping I don't regret signing a year lease here. The roaches outside (so far) and the lack of white people here make me worry more than anything. I don't care if everyone around is 'mex-ican', as long as they leave me alone. If I can get through the next year w/out my unit being broken into, my car vandalized, or my girlfriend harassed I'll be thankful and will likely count my blessings and move out as quickly as I moved in. Ultimately I'll go ahead and recommend the place because of the decency of management, the price, the location, and the quality of my unit... but I will say this: If you're a single guy, or a guy with a girlfriend, you can hang here. If she has to go to the car and you don't go with her, definitely watch from the balcony or window or just go with her. There are just too many people walking around on foot for it to be safe. If you have a family with kids or are elderly, I'd definitely not recommend coming here. It's one thing for a guy who can fight, carry weapons to protect himself, etc, but if you're a single female or have children, stay AWAY from this place!!!
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Harbor Pointe

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