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Linq at North Springs

6919 Peachtree Dunwoody RD.

Sandy Springs, GA 30328



  redrobin27 436953
vrp · 2018 - 2019
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Office Staff
Pros: Very close to the North Springs MARTA station, so if you travel a lot or work within walking distance of a train station, it's very convenient for commuting. The floor plans seem spacious and generally well-designed. If you work from home or just need dedicated office-type space, there are floor plans with a built-in desk. The complex is basically all one big building, so if the weather is bad, you don't have to worry about the elements outside to take out the trash or pick up mail/packages. The package concierge is great. If you like to be social, there are usually monthly events for residents. Cons: As units have filled up, the amount of dogs barking at night/early morning has increased. I understand required unit inspections, but they do seem rather frequent, and they can definitely do better than the 24 hour (or less) notifications. Unless the inspection is unplanned or short-notice (which should be rare), there's really no reason you can't give residents a minimum of 2-3 days notice, if not a week. While they were better about this recently, this is definitely an area that needs improvement. The complex is basically one big building, so if one unit has a problem, it's possible that most or all units are impacted. For example, water was shut off for all units for several hours once because someone drilled a hole in a unit's wall and hit the water line. The electric circuit breakers are tripped fairly often. I've never had that happen so often in previous apartments, so not sure why that's a problem in a complex that's not even 18 months old. I'm on level 1, and parking/trash and recycling receptacle area wasn't well-designed for the number of units. It's very crowded, and spots fill up quickly. There's more parking on level 6 than level 1, despite that level having the fewest number of units. The deck isn't gated, but there are cameras. I have mixed feelings on the key fob provided to residents. On one hand, it's nice not to have multiple keys for different doors, but the sensors on the building entrances already seem to be wearing down. It's common for me to have to use my fob multiple times (and you have to be precise where you place the fob on the sensor) before the entrance unlocks. Plus, on level 1, the entrance is frequently propped open because that's where the movers have to come in as the trucks don't fit in the parking deck. There seems to be a bit of maintenance turnover. I've been here less than a year, and for a long while, I think there was just one maintenance person. My unit faces the little side street (Roberts Ct?) and is towards the end of the property, and one of the sidewalk lamps shines directly and brightly into my bedroom. I highly recommend a window treatment if you need darkness to sleep. Another design misstep. I expected not to have issues with bugs because there are no external breezeways, and despite being on level 1, my unit is higher than street level. That was not the case. The weather stripping on my patio door wasn't sealed properly, so there is still a crack for bugs to get in. It's manageable, but disappointing. If you work in/near the Perimeter area, driving is a challenge during rush hour, particularly in the morning because southbound Peachtree Dunwoody gets backed up from Abernathy all the way past the MARTA station. Either you leave early (before 7:15 or so), figure out a long way around, or be prepared to sit for awhile.
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Linq at North Springs Manager


Hey there, redrobin27. Thanks for taking the time to provide your feedback, both positive and negative. Naturally, we want your entire experience to tilt to the positive side, and we'd welcome the opportunity to speak with you in person and address any and all concerns. To touch on a few of them here: Please report any dog-related noise complaints to our courtesy officer so we can contact the home and address it. With regard to entering homes, we give at least 24 hours of notice, and we apologize for the recent frequency. This was due to city mandatory fire and dryer-vent inspections and a separate city inspection to ensure we are in compliance. We'd also be happy to replace your weather stripping if you submit a service request, and for any bug- or pest-related concerns, Arrow Pest Control visits the community every Friday, let us know and we can put you down for them to treat should you have any unwelcome pests. Lastly, circuit breakers are designed to carry only so much load per code, but please alert us if you're experiencing consistent issues and we'll have installing electrician take a look and correct the issue. We hope this helps, and please reach out with any questions. Thank you -- Paul M., Alexan North Station.

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Linq at North Springs

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