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Linq at North Springs

6919 Peachtree Dunwoody RD.

Sandy Springs, GA 30328



Resident · 2018 - 2019
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Office Staff
Writing this is difficult for me because I like the area that I live and the overall appearance of the community but living experience is much more than a place looking nice. What made me decide to write this is because I have seen response from management to some of the comments and the responses always try to make it appear as though the person writing them is not a resident (on other sites I have seen the business manager respond to a comment by saying something like, "I would like to respond but I don't see that you are a resident." It is as if he wants people reading the review to think that the bad review is fake. I am going to be moving and these are the reasons. 1. There is no gate. You will notice as you drive up, the garage is wide open for anyone to walk into. Management will tell you that the area is safe and a gate doesn't stop crime and they are right, but police departments will also tell you about any form of crime prevention that there are things you can do to cut down on crime. A gate is one thing but they refuse to get one. What is to stop someone from walking into the garage and robbing or doing worse to someone? Our neighbor who works late had a car follow her into garage and she could tell they were waiting for her to get out and she drove up to other floors to see if they continued to follow her and it did. Luckily she did not exit car and stayed in until she called another neighbor who came out to watch her park and get in the building. They will tell you she should have called 911 or called and told the office but the fact of the matter is, the office is aware that there are concerns about not having a gate or more visible security. There is not always going to be a chance to call 911. If I don't see someone as I get out my car, because they were able to just walk into the garage, and they attack, I may not be able to call 911. 2. There is no visible security and as there is no gate, there should at least be visible security. That officer parks out front sometimes but most there is no sign of any security on site as that officer parks out of site. There should be something to discourage people from attempting to perform any act of crime here. If you are a woman or have kids or heck, even if you are a man, walking into the garage is not secure or safe. 3. It now seems that people without dogs or animals are in the minority. They do so much to let dog owners know they are welcome and in doing so, they forget about people that don't have dogs or what happens when dog owner are not responsible. It is not unusual to see owners letting their dogs roam around without being on a leash and there is a leash law in the state and the community says they are to be on a leash but doesn't enforce it. This puts residents and guests at risk because an unleashed animal is capable of biting. Owners are also not picking up after their dogs and since we have kids and there are many kids in the community, how can we continue to allow our kids to play in the grass or grounds if we worry about them stepping in dog poop? 4. The walls are also paper thin and if you are in your apartment you will hear every bit of noise in the hall. You can also hear the people above you. Yes it is an apartment but that doesn't mean it should sound like someone jumping up and down every day. 5. The parking garage is way too small and poorly designed and if it hasn't happened yet, someone will soon have an accident. Either cars will impact or a car will hit a person. People drive too fast and there is nothing to discourage them from doing so. The corners are blind and they don't have up enough mirrors and the mirrors they have are poorly situated. I have narrowly avoided at least 10 accidents. Management is so focused on either getting the community to 100% full or keeping it full that they don't really address issues. They will send out the same email they send all the time threatening to do something yet you can tell they never do because the same residents who speed through the lot still speed through the lot. I talked to one resident who was not aware I have noticed him not only speeding through the lot but also smoking and he point blank said to me that "I don't pay much attention to those emails, they send it to make the people complaining feel like they are going to do something but they ain't." My husband wasn't with me so I was too afraid to say anything back to him. This community is pleasing to the eye but living here and being happy is a different story. Along with all of the above, you can walk the halls and smell weed. I will say that the maintenance staff is very pleasant. FYI: We are going to be moving. There are several places within 3 miles from here that are new, gated, have on site security and tons of amenities...and the price is comparable. I figure if we can have a nice place and feel a little more safe with a gate and visible on site security, why not? When I toured the other properties I noticed that they have strict fines for things. A friend just moved into one of the communities and showed me an email that was sent out regarding a resident and their dog and it was much more forceful than what we ever see here. There is a significant fine and they used the photo that the resident (my friends neighbor) sent in showing proof of who's dog it was. When we first moved here they sent out a survey to see how residents like it and to get feedback. I think they need to do that again. Lastly, there is a girl/woman who works in the office who is African-American but in our experience with her and some of the other neighbors we have spoken with, she seems to be more helpful or engaged with people who are not of color. I mention this because I noticed on another review site that someone else said the same thing about her just in a more harsh way and management tried to brush it off as her being new. She is well into her time here and it is not because she is new. She is either snooty or if it is not that, she is a person of color who thinks she is better than other people of color. She for sure needs some additional training. She is a pretty girl but her attitude leaves a lot to be desired.
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We appreciate the constructive feedback and hope there's still time to improve things for you. We're happy to address your concerns, as well. With regard to the parking gate, a gate was not incorporated in the original building design, but we will certainly pass along your recommendation. And while courtesy patrol doesn't monitor the gate area round-the-clock, please know you can always reach out to our team with any concerns, and we encourage residents to alert the authorities, if necessary. Of note, a Sandy Springs Police officer resides in the building and residents can reach out to the officer by calling the main office number. Our community aims to be equally friendly to pet-owning residents as well as non-pet-owners, and we apologize if you've experienced anything otherwise. We do have a doggy DNA program that allows us to track who does not pick up after their pets, and we address it on an individual basis. The same goes for any noise complaints -- while regular apartment noise is to be expected, we're happy to investigate anything that transcends that threshold. We regret any negative interactions you've had with any of our team members, and we'd welcome the opportunity to talk through any specifics and properly address the matter. Lastly, please know that we aim to respond to all reviews in a thorough manner and intend to reach out to the residents directly, but oftentimes reviews are posted under aliases, so we have no means to do so. However, regardless of name, we treat all reviews as if it is an active resident posting. We hope this helps and look forward to hearing from you. Thank you, Paul M. Alexan North Station.

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