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One West Victory Apartments



Resident · 2014 - 2015
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Office Staff
I agree with all the reviews on the apartment. Right when I moved in it reaked of weed. The vents just pull any smell into the neighboring rooms. Weed, cigarettes, cooking, anything. Sound complaints go uncorrected. Sound is a constant problem here. If its not the neighbors, its the music from cars, the food trucks (I'll talk about that in a minute), dump trucks, or the train. Matching system is nonexistent. I've been matched up a few times, and we were not a good match at all. Lots of crime. The floors are nasty and so are the laundry rooms. I hardly ever got notified about people coming in to my apartment and leaving the door unlocked. The furniture is also very cheap. They even had an apartment wide maintenance on the couches legs, because so many were breaking. I will say the maintenance is pretty good. They try to fix the problem very quickly. Another problem is the Florence. The Florence is a high end restaurant with parking in the first level of the parking deck. This causes some problems when food, beverage, and etc. supply trucks come in they park in the "parking bay." The parking bay has no signs and no one seems to care to park there. Supply trucks, people to eat at the Florence, and anyone else. The building is not connected to the parking garage so expect a good walk to take anything you move-in/out with or taking groceries in. The parking garage is gated with a rail. The exit rail has been broken at least five times. I've seen beers bottles smashed and people urinating in the parking garage. After that point they got security. Most of the time I just see them calling the towing truck to move people from the tents parking in the Florence parking or parking in the unassigned spaces. Which is good but the should remove the cars parked in the yellow spaces. Multiple times I have pull out and can't see if a car is coming. The neighborhood isn't the greatest either. There has been some crime in the same area, but thats Savannah. The website and pictures look great but it's not reality.
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One West Victory Apartments

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