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One West Victory Apartments



Resident · 2014 - 2016
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Office Staff
they don't kick out residents who threaten the safety of others they don't do regular and unannounced checks to make sure people are following the rules they don't have proper security cameras to catch anything aside from the doors the door don't even fully lock, so anyone is welcome inside their employees take their jobs to lackadaisically they don't show up for work so some maintenance guy has to take their place they never fix the garage gate, so non residents can park there if they want they claim they enforce towing for people who do that, never seen it happen they suddenly apply rules without considering circumstances of residents, such as me who was in France and learned they were going to enforce the selling of unlabeled bicycles within 2 days they charge you too much and shove it in your face with free expensive "gifts" that must be paid with what you're giving for rent the only cleaning they do of previously lived-in rooms is vacuuming, and not even under the beds. i found two remotes, a shoe, and lots of hair under mine when i moved it they don't take noise complaints seriously. if someone is playing music so loud your room shakes too ------- bad
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One West Victory Apartments

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