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One West Victory Apartments



Former Resident · 2015 - 2016
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Office Staff
Everything Heather has said is truth. Just to give you an idea of what they will allow you to live in, here is my experience when I lived there. 1) I was attending SCAD and left the apartment for roughly 1/2 years to go to college at a different campus. 2) Before I left, I emailed the apartment about my upcoming absence. Both to be courteous and to save myself should there be issues later. Obviously, there were. 3) (added bonus) They emailed every resident a notice about a new policy for bicycles. They must be labeled with stickers acquired from the office because non-resident bicycles were being stored in the garage. If they were unlabeled they were to be taken to the dump. Understandable. Except, they told us to do it within days. I'm still outside of Georgia for the next few months. 4) Upon returning, I was in utter shock to find the condition of the apartment my room mates left it in. Here's a list of what happened: Counters covered in colorful liquid, presumably jello shots. Dishes piled, unwashed, in the sink. Weed sitting in the open on the living room table (this is a problem because it was currently illegal and I could have been found at fault for it). MY drinking glasses stolen. A footprint on my room mate's door (Apparently, one of my room mates had beef with someone who then targeted her room to break into). 5) Immediately I photographed everything and stormed to the office. I explain everything and show them the evidence. Guess what they say? "OH, that apartment? Yes, it's been under investigation." Excuse me? I take the time to tell you about my personal business but you can't inform me that I may be under investigation due to terrible people? 6) They ONLY allowed me to move after I threatened to go to the police about how they let me continue to pay rent for such a place with such people, who they KNEW were horrible because they're currently under investigation. 7) After I moved, they really tried to charge me for the moving fee. I again threatened them with the evidence I still had of the condition of the apartment. Needless to say, I quickly moved to a new apartment building altogether. Stay far away from such a business.
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One West Victory Apartments

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