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Royal Oaks Apartments

301 Noble Oaks Drive

Savannah, GA 31406



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Office Staff
Resident 2002 - 2004 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/13/2007
When my family and I first moved here everything was great! The community was filled with mostly military people. Then came trouble - the deployment! When they left that left a lot of open apartments at one time. So the apartment staff rented to anyone and everyone. Lots of drug use on the property. There were several robberies. Roaches were a huge issue! As to previous comments about roaches - I was born and raised in the south and I have never in my entire life seen anything like this before. Our rent was never late, there was never a complaint about us. Our neighbor beside us was on the odd side. He would walk outside in his underware and nothing else. When I would complain to the office staff I was told that he was a schetzofrenic - NICE! Living right next door to me! GREAT! He smoked indoors so my cabinets in the kitchen were covered in tar. I cleaned them at least once a week inside and out and sometimes that did not seem to be enough.<br><br>On move in day the gas company came out to turn on our gas and refused to light the pilot light. He said it was a fire hazard and needed a new hot water heater. When I contacted the office about it they said someone would be out to fix it. And they did send someone to fix it - 3 weeks later ... This was our only problem until the last 1 year lease we signed and it went down hill from there.<br><br>The girls who lived upstairs from us would turn their bathtub on and leave it on so it would overflow. This occured at least once a month - if not more. The maintenace took so long that mold was growing in the ceiling. They painted over it. Every time. We were always sick with colds or bronchitis. Electric bill was always at least $200 for a 2 bedroom apartment. <br><br>We had a terrible experience and would never recommend this place to our worst enemy!
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Royal Oaks Apartments

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