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Viera at Whitemarsh Apartments



Resident · 2009
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Office Staff
I came to Island Tree in Dec. 2008 while in Savannah to secure housing for my move in 2009. I had seen the review score on this site and was apprehensive to even visit the complex but I was assured by staff that the property was under new management and things were better. So, I took a chance. I came to tour the apartment and things looked great. They offered a deal of a move in special and renovated apartments. I was very excited by the time I left, agreement in hand! I moved in mid-March 2009 and when I got here it was sort of like moving into the twilight zone. I was very disheartened. The apartment appeared to look beautiful: new linoleum floors, stainless steal appliances, new washer/dryer, counter tops, light fixtures, carpet, etc. However, within a few days time problems began to surface. The toilet didn't work, my brand new dishwasher wasn't hooked up correctly, wires were exposed under my sink, the thermostat broke and the water heater needed to be replaced. Doors were not installed properly or at all in some places, I needed new weather stripping around my front door as some outdoor pests found their way inside. (Note: Pest control is offered for FREE and all you have to do is mention you need it.) My list went on from there with issues and all were put in writing to be rectified. There are still some cosmetic faux pas like caulking and paint but that can be considered nit picking since this is an apartment and no apartment is perfect. I had a ton of people from the office staff, management and maintenance in and out of my apartment within the first few weeks. Through it all they faced and corrected issues that outsourced contractors who remolded the apartments had, "overlooked." I was even told that my apartment was "overlooked" by staff and not properly inspected before I moved. This was very disappointing to hear as maybe I would have never had to go through some of these stresses. However, I give the office staff a lot of credit for having to take the brunt of some of these issues and my frustration. By the end of March, things for me in the apartment were up and running smoothly. Joe, our maintenance man is AMAZING and very conscientious about his work. He strived to correct every issue and did WONDERFULLY. A few things needed more attention but in the end he got everything up to par. I am secure in notion that if there is an issue, Joe will do whatever it takes to fix and correct it in no time. It wasn't the easiest move but I am truly happy here thus far. The grounds are lovely and well kept. Except for the pine straw around the bushes and trees, not my style but I hear it is a Southern thing and there are a few areas were sod was put down, but not properly as it died within days. A cosmetic issue, once again. I truly feel safe as the property is well lit at night. There are great amenities like the bus stop right in front of the complex, a pool and hot-tub and more amenities on the way: a gym, office center and an outdoor kitchen, I m told! All in all, I'm happy about my move into Island Tree Apartments and to call it home while I'm here in Savannah for the next year and a half (if not longer). Should my opinion ever change, I'll be the first to write a review. Happy apartment hunting!
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Viera at Whitemarsh Apartments

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