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Villas at Hannover

7305 Hannover Parkway

Stockbridge, GA 30281



Resident · 2014 - 2017
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Office Staff
Do NOT....I repeat Do NOT...Move here!!! I've been a resident for 4 years and I'm getting out of here as soon as I can! I've always been a great tenant and NEVER late on my rent. Think that matters? No! On December 4, 2017, I was followed into the gate entrance. The car turned off before I did but it's an apartment complex so of course, all they had to do was loop around to where I live. I'm always observant of my surroundings especially because of the odd hours that I work. I come and go and any time of the day or night. Well anyway, as I was getting out of my vehicle, a guy ran through the breezeway of one of the buildings where they turned off at and ran up on me with a gun trying to steal my car. I screamed til I couldn't scream anymore and blew my horn repeatedly. That startled him and that led the other guy to loop around. The guy took off and jumped into the car. I reported it to the police and also to the complex the following day. I asked if they could pull the tapes and possibly get the tag number on the vehicle (hopefully it's not stolen). They told me that due to the glare of the brake lights and the outdoor lighting, they weren't able to capture it and that the cameras are just there for entrance purposes so that they can see who's going in and coming out. Tell me, if u can't see the tag numbers, WHO are u seeing?! Makes no sense at all!!! So basically they have the cameras there just for show because they aren't serving a purpose. With the amount of money we pay to reside in this community, they should be equipped with Better cameras!! It's been 3 days and they haven't even had the decency to alert the other residents yet. I've told every person that I've come in contact with to be on the lookout and will continue to do so. Also, being that I no longer feel safe, I haven't been staying in my place. I've been staying with family/friends. I asked if I could break my lease because i dont feel safe and was told that Crime happens everywhere and that I'd have to put in a 60 day notice and pay a termination fee of 1 month rent. My lease is up in March. What sense does that make??? I may as well finish it for a place that I'm NOT staying in. No regard at all for the safety of their residents. Nice apartments but just know if something happens to you on their property, they don't care. Also, the gate entrance is broke more often than it's functional!!
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Villas at Hannover Manager


Dear Bobbie, Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences. The comfort and safety of our residents is our top priority. We take the feedback we receive very seriously and would be happy to speak further on these matters along with any recommendations you might have. We would like the opportunity to improve your residency at our community. Please stop by our office at your earliest convenience so that we can discuss your concerns further, or reach out to us at [email protected]

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Villas at Hannover

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