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Highland Chase



Resident · 2005 - 2008
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Office Staff
This apartment complex is not the place that you would want to call home! The property in my opinion welcomes anything that wants to apply. They do half wack jobs when it comes to repairs and seems to always have an excuse on why they can't fix things in a timely manner. If you are in need of emergency housing please don't be pressured into signing a lease with this community because once you sign it you are screwed until that lease is up unless of course you have friends that will put up with you for a time span.They very rarely have consistant staff that work in the office with the Leasing Manager which to me is very questionable expecially when it someone new in the office in what seems like every 6 months. Management claims that no one should be out making noise after 7 p.m. but my neighbors have been out making noise until 5 o'clock in the morning and when one portion of the neighbors went in the other side came out as though they were tag teaming in the parking lot. The neighbors constantly through their trash outside that welcomed other unwelcomed visitors. Then on top of that the neighbors seemed to always have visitors that never leave and I know for a fact that it's a 3 bedroom so how in the world is 10 people supposed to fit comfortably in the apartment-then again that's probably why they spent so much time outside (over crowding)but the rent office did nothing about it.The brochure stated that there is an access gate but since I moved in in 2005 the gate has never worked which is probably good because the police needs to get in the apartment complex as quickly as possible when called. It reminds me of a bad episode of COPS. You can't drop your rent in the drop box because it's nailed shut so if you have a job be prepared to get off early to make sure the rents there on time or you can mail it but at your own risk. Any apartment complex owned by Miles Properties is in my opinion a dump. The SLUM LORD who owns this place and numerous other is just in it for the money! If I had known about this website before I moved in I surely would have burned rubber right past it. If you reside here document everything from fixed to not fixed, how long it took them to fix it,and the problems that occured from them not fixing it. The only good thing about this apartment complex in my opinion is that with the gate not working you can quickly leave. If the neighbors and rent office don't run you office those big cockroaches that move in and don't pay rent will.
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Highland Chase

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